Friday, May 28, 2010

Helping Hands

John has been keeping a diary during our time here and I loved this entry about 'Auntie's' buns. Auntie J. comes four days a week to help in the house. She is a fabulous bread maker and the smell of her freshly baked rolls is well worth the trip to Uganda! She sweeps, mops and does the dishes as well. I'm going to miss her when I get home. The money she earns helps her to pay school fees for her family of seven. She is a joy!

Everyday but Sunday is wash day in Uganda. Clothes are all washed by hand and most of the missionaries employ someone to do the laundry. I'm blessed to have J. who comes four days a week to wash and iron our clothes. She uses a charcoal iron to press the clothes. Looking smart is highly valued in Uganda. I was told that if you accidently splash someone while driving down the road you're obliged to give them money to buy a bar of soap.

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  1. Great to hear of your life in Uganda. J sounds wonderful what a blessing,enjoy the bread! It's good that you can put your teaching skills to use. What an amazing experience to teach kids with such wonderful smiles, full of expectation. We love you, and our prayers are with you. What a wonder that we serve the LORD of the WHOLE earth. Love MA