Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Snakes and Telescopes

(Monday) The primary and secondary schools are on a break just now but will start up next week. We’ve been trying to do some school work each morning. There is a nice big table in the guest house with room to spread out. This morning we had a couple of interruptions. The first was a cry of snake from the man working in the garden across from the guest house. He found a puff adder while cutting grass with a hand tool and quickly dispensed with it. It’s good to know that no one has ever been seriously bitten here but it was an important lesson to be on guard. You can add snakes to your prayer list for the Mortons. Our second distraction was a large telescope being put together (the generous gift of an Irish doctor visiting here). It will be exciting for the children here to be able to use it. It is dark by 7:30 and on a clear night the stars are incredible.

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