Tuesday, May 18, 2010

“You are welcome”

We were delighted to visit the ‘Jonathan Family’ for devotions and a meal Sunday evening. It was moving to hear these 16 boys and girls aged 6-20 share what they were thankful to God for. The children at New Hope are ‘adopted’ into family units with new mother and father figures. Adults are referred to as ‘Auntie’ and ‘Uncle.’ When you meet someone your hand is shaken, clasped and shaken again and you are told “You are welcome.” The children in these family groups work very hard digging in the family garden, fetching water and cooking meals. We were treated to a traditional family meal of beans, collards, rice, pineapple and posho (more about that another day). Our girls had a wonderful time teaching the girls clapping rhymes while John and I enjoyed playing hide and seek with D. The pictures show various children from the Jonathan family.

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  1. Itn't it wonderful how people in different parts of the world greet each other. People where we were would shake hands by using both hands, especially if you were a real friend. Among themselves and sometimes with "outsiders" they would 'kiss' each other on the cheek someimtes once sometimes more. Sometimes you could tell how well they knew each other by the number of times they 'kissed'. Well continue learning and enjoying yourselves!!!! Love, Dad/Grndpa