Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yesterday (June 23rd) David and I attended a burial for the grandfather and uncle(father figure) of three of the children from 'David' family. We had been praying for this man at the David family devotions. K. (who is pictured here with David) has been so gracious to us; happy to show us what work we can do in the gardens and translating for us as we lead devotions. When he dropped by the house on Tues. to tell me of his uncle's passing I was struck by the depth of his faith. Several of the staff here travelled about 30 minutes away to where the burial took place at the family home. A large crowd of family and members of the community had gathered to eat together. A local pastor preached and then the body was wrapped in cloth, placed in a simple wooden coffin and then carried a few steps away and buried under coffee trees. I would ask that you remember these three young people in your prayers as they cope with yet another heartache.

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