Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Safari

After stopping for lunch in Masindi we took the longer route to Murchison Falls driving through the Budongo Forest Reserve. The reserve is the largest area of unexploited mahogany forest in East Africa with huge trees growing up to 60 m high. We then travelled along a rough road up the escarpment over-looking the rift valley with views over Lake Albert into the Republic of Congo. Part of this route was through sugar cane plantations and trucks loaded with sugar cane squeezed past us on the narrow track. Groups of children followed these trucks picking up the pieces that fell to the ground. We reached the ferry and then crossed the Nile to reach the Parra Safari Lodge where we were staying.
The next morning we went on an early morning game drive accompanied by our driver and a guide from the National Park Authority. We saw many many Ugandan kob, warthogs, African buffalo. We were also very excited to see many of my personal favourite the giraffe. Our most exciting sighting was definitely a lion. Persistence, our driver's willingness to risk the shocks on his van and David's eagle eyes all added up to us being 3 feet from a majestic animal. What a thrill!

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