Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have become increasingly aware after a few weeks here of how difficult it is to protray what life is like for the majority of people living in Uganda. As I have travelled back and forth to Kampala on shopping trips I have been struck by the conditions that most people in the country live in. Just outside the gates of New Hope stands this dwelling which is home to the children in the picture. There is so much need and how thankful we are that the children living at New Hope have food, housing, education and the opportunity to hear of the fatherhood of God.

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  1. I have just caught up on all of your entries. Sounds pretty exciting! Surely we have lost sight of the simple necessities of life here in the West, which also blunts our simple trust in God. We continue to pray for health and strength for all of you.

    Uncle Rod and Auntie Helen