Monday, June 14, 2010

Visiting S.

On Sat. afternoon we walked into the bush with our sponsor child's mother to visit him at his home. As we walked along K. our interpreter from the David family chatted away effortlessly in Lugandan and English. Along the way we saw many little huts and answered the call of "Muzungu" (white man) from little children with waves of our hands. When we arrived at S's home we were greeted with welcoming hugs from all the family. We were invited into the hut and David and I were given seats of honour on two plastic garden chairs. Everyone else including S's grandmother sat at our feet on woven mats. They were overjoyed to have us. S's Mom had tears in her eyes and thanked us over and over again. We got a great kick out of Grandma who laughed and laughed when we handed out toothbrushes as gifts. She pointed to the one remaining tooth in the front of her mouth and shook her head as much as to say "What in earth do I need this for?" As David had noted on his previous visit the home was beautifully kept. Cooking is all done under a thatched shelter and I can only imagine how hard that must be when the rain comes pouring down as it has done so often during our time here. A local pastor has lent them some land for a garden and they are working hard to clear it and use it for growing maize, sweet potatoes and beans. What a lesson in courage and trust.

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  1. Hello to the Mortons in Uganda!

    We missed you at Mary Anne's piano recital tonight - it was excellent, as usual, and Mary Anne even asked parents to contribute with musical jokes - what an innovation! Lots of little nippers, and a few older one - but it was Karen's last. Janet calculated that we have been going to Mary Anne's for piano for 16 years!

    When I heard via my dad and Jan that you were in Africa I thought what a fantastic experience! I'm sure you will return having received more than you have given. Tonight Rod gave me the address of your blog, that I scratched out on a scrap of paper, and now here I am visiting with you on the computer. A great idea.

    So just a passing on of best wishes and congratulations on the courage to take on your present adventure - and our prayers that God will richly bless your contributions and your experience.


    Ken and Janet.