Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cassava and the 7 Times Table

The headmaster of the primary school asked me to make a presentation to the lower primary school teachers about how to use real objects to teach math concepts. Although I was able to bring counters and number charts from home I realized that I had to come up with some practical and readily available materials that the teachers could access here. We decided that the children could make their own one hundred charts and I shared with the teachers today how pebbles or beans can be used to count and calculate basic mathematical operations. As I walked to the meeting I noticed that the cassava plants growing along the path all have seven leaves on a stem. The perfect illustration of the seven times table right outside the classroom door! The root of this fast growing plant is eaten with beans here. Simple supplies like pencils, pens and notebooks are always in short supply so the teachers were extremely grateful for the box of supplies I was able to bring from Bearspaw Christian School. The remedial teacher told me that she had been praying for whiteboard markers since the ones she had were drying up. She was thrilled to know that I'd come with a whole box of new ones.

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