Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Hearts of Stone, Hearts of Flesh"

I have been very aware over the last few days of the huge challenge faced in trying to reach children who have come from deprivation and abuse. A few of the children in the classes I'm working in are resistant to help or have just shut down (unwilling or unable to learn). I see them with heads on their desks or acting out in various ways and I realize that it will take many people all working together and dependent on God's leading to reach them. Auntie Jane who is one of the family parents here and also a remedial teacher has a wonderful gift for reaching into the hearts of these children. I am so thankful that I have her as a resource to explain the cultural reasons behind some of the behaviours I am seeing. Many of the children come from backgrounds where witchcraft is openly practised and others are suffering from abuse, neglect and the pain of losing parents from death or abandonment. Please pray that hard hearts will be softened by the power of the gospel and that those like Auntie Jane who have such a heart for these children will be given strength and wisdom to carry on.

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