Tuesday, July 12, 2011

School Is In!

The second term of school has just begun here in Uganda and so I quickly became involved helping out in the primary school. Last year I was primarily involved in doing remedial math work with children who were in P5 (similiar to our Grade 4/5). This year the headmaster has asked me to work in the P4 classes so the children are slightly younger and have less English. Teachers at the primary school level teach subjects rather than a 'class' so the children have a teacher for Math, one for English, one for Science, one for Social Studies etc. I spent much of last week assessing children and creating small groups of children who have similiar needs. Most are eager to try something new, keen to participate and grateful for help. I'm thankful for the counters, number charts, white boards and markers that I brought as teaching aides. As well as being great motivators, these supplies are helping me make math concepts more concrete for children who struggle with the rote memorization favoured in the classroom here. Many of these children come to school from the surrounding villages and face incredible challenges which I can only begin to understand.
Last week also had me filling in as a substitute teacher for the P5 class. Thankfully another teacher on a mission team here helped out and we survived the experience. I now know quite a bit about the Ugandan postal service if anybody is interested. When I asked one boy how he thought I'd done he replied "Nobody has ever done it like that before!"

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