Monday, July 11, 2011

"We are all fine, thank you!"

Greetings from Uganda! First of all our apologies for not getting our blog going sooner. As you can read in the children's blogs our journey taught us a good deal about patience and flexibility (lessons that will serve us well during our time here). After five days of travelling we finally made it to Uganda on July 1st and were thrilled to see so many of our friends again.
We spent the first week in a home on the primary school site and enjoyed sharing meals with a mission team from North Dakota at the guest house. 'Uncle Gary' who is heading up that team was the one who first introduced us to the work of New Hope. For those of you with genealogical interest, Gary's wife and my brother Rod's wife are sisters (got it!) It has been a delight to have fellowship with Gary not to mention it gave us an excuse to put the kettle on for a cup of tea.

On Saturday July 9th we moved over to a freshly painted house(courtesy of the mission team) on the secondary school site. Saturday was also market day in Kiwoko the closest village and David had his first Ugandan driving experience in a van kindly loaned to us. We managed the short journey safely avoiding people, bicycles, bodas etc. and came home with tomatoes, eggplant, sweet potatoes (different from our yams), irish potatoes, lemons and posho and beans. That combined with some items brought from home will make for some interesting meals!

We have been very aware of God's care and protection as we've travelled and settled into our work here. We would ask that you continue to pray for good health, safety and wisdom as we seek to live for the Lord here at New Hope.

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  1. Thanks to all of you for your blog posts and emails. We are praying for you folks!