Monday, August 22, 2011

Jinja Jaunt

We decided to take a short trip down to Jinja a city in the eastern part of Uganda for a few days to see a little bit more of the country. We drove past large plantations of sugar cane and tea and also through a forested area which is in the news here because of plans to cut it down to extend the sugar plantations. Jinja is located on the shores of Lake Victoria near the source of the River Nile. We spent our first afternoon at Bujagali Falls. These falls will soon disappear when a new hydro-electric dam is constructed. The next day we went horseback riding along the banks of the Nile with some Ugandan guides. The view of the river and the Bujagali Falls was fantastic. We also provided some entertainment for a group of road workers who stopped to take pictures of us on their cell phones (tourism in reverse). We spent part of the afternoon on a boat trip seeing many different birds, some monkeys and monitor lizards. We finished the day at a restaurant that served wonderful milkshakes and my personal favourite a mango smoothie.

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