Monday, August 22, 2011


We returned to New Hope in time for a yearly celebration of Thanksgiving. Each year one Sunday is set aside as a Thanksgiving day to celebrate all that God is doing at New Hope and in the surrounding community. This year the leadership decided to pattern the day after the Old Testament feast of tabernacles and encouraged each family group and ministry to construct a booth in which they would share what God had done. Following a parade around the central circle in family groups we gathered in the church for worship. To highlight the diversity of people groups represented we sang praise songs in 12 different languages. People waved tree branches and danced and jumped in time to the music. The outpouring of joy was moving to witness. We heard testimonies of how God is working in various ministries and then we toured the various booths set up marvelling at the creativity and thoughtful expressions of God's goodness. It was a truly memorable last Sunday at New Hope.

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