Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Touring Kiwoko Hospital

We spent an interesting afternoon touring the local Kiwoko hospital with the mission team from England that is currently at New Hope. The hospital which is affiliated with the Church of Uganda has the motto "We treat, Jesus heals." Dr. Ian Clarke a northern Ireland doctor came to the Kiwoko district in 1988 after hearing about the plight of people in this region at his church. From the beginning the goal has been to provide quality care in Jesus' name. The hospital has been blessed by support raised in many countries and is well known throughout the country for its level of care and nursing training program. Meals are not provided to patients so there are small vendors and shops lining the road to the hospital where relatives of patients buy food for those in hospital. We toured several wards and were impressed by the facilities. They have a neonatal department with incubators for premature babies and an ultra-sound machine. While we were visiting the pediatric ward a woman asked us to pray for her child. The two year old boy had been operated on at another hospital for swelling on the brain. He had appeared to be doing better and the mother had returned home to Kampala. Sadly a fever developed and the swelling returned and he has now be admitted to Kiwoko. Our hearts went out to this mother, who is seven months pregnant, as she sat on the floor beside her son's iron cot. Her love and concern were heart rending.

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