Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visiting Zipporah

One of our hopes this year was to see our first sponsor child again. Nagayi Zipporah had left New Hope by the time David visited the first time three years ago. Following quite a bit of searching he did manage to meet up with her. Last year we were able to find her quite easily in Wobulenzi where she was living with her husband and young son. This year we didn't manage to reach her by phone but went with her brother in the hopes she was living in the same place. She was very surprised and happy to see us and we had a visit in the courtyard outside her home. Everyone lives in close quarters so we had many interested onlookers as we visited with her. John kept a group of children entertained by taking pictures and videos and then showing them the results. We were thankful to be able to continue our connection with her.

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