Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Horns and Horticulture

 Today brought another interesting interruption to our routine with Dodo's arrival on our doorstep at 7:00 to let us know that he and Ronald would be plowing the maize field today.  Since we were last in the field harvesting maize, the family group had slashed down the stalks and the field was ready for the plow. Uganda is blessed with two growing seasons which means that there is always work to be done in the gardens. We frequently see cows/bulls with their imposing horns going by our front door but until today haven't had the opportunity to see them plowing. It's impressive to see someone of Dodo's stature handling these large beasts. We learned that it takes two people to work the plow.  One to direct the cattle and the other to maneuver the plow.  Learning these skills are an important way that New Hope seeks to prepare these young men for the future. The man helping the boys plow the field was eager to be photographed and posed happily beside the animals.  Ronald and Dodo tried to get him to say "chapati"(popular Indian flat bread eaten here) to make him smile but he refused preferring instead to strike a very dignified pose. 



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