Sunday, August 19, 2012


During the school holidays I've been doing some tutoring of children who are on site at New Hope. One of the girls I've been working with is called Mary. She arrived here about a year ago and as is so often the case had missed quite a bit of schooling. Another teacher volunteering here began working with her and she made rapid progress learning to read. As I listened to her read I was impressed by her determination and drive to master every word she encountered. To check her comprehension I had her try to retell the story in her own words which was more difficult for her but again she persisted and together we rewrote the story she had read in her own words. The notebook we recorded the story in had a blank space at the top and on a whim I asked her "Would you like to draw a picture to go with your story?" Her eyes lit up. "Yes aunt." With painstaking detail she carefully copied a picture from the book and then coloured it carefully trying out several pencil crayons until she found just the right colour. For the next few days we began working on writing about topics which interested her and although she was at first reluctant to draw without copying she is gaining confidence in this skill as well. I love watching her draw, head bent in concentration and determined to get it just right. I'm looking forward to her progress in the months to come.

I'm taking a break from tutoring this coming week as we travel to Musana Camp which is a camp operated by New Hope on Lake Victoria.  David will be helping with the camp accounts and the rest of us are coming along for the ride.  No internet there so we'll look forward to doing some posts about our trip once we return.  We would appreciate prayers for our safety as we travel.

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  1. Thanks for all your recent posts, really enjoying these insights into everyday life at NHU. Hope you all have a lovely time at Musana Camp.