Friday, August 10, 2012

Pork Anyone?

The hole the pig fell into

 One of the things the kids are enjoying most about homeschooling is the interesting interruptions to the book work that often pop up. Today it was Dodovico from our family group who dropped by to see if we wanted to buy some pork. Knowing our fascination with these things he asked if we would like to come and see the pig. Aunt Lucy (David family mother) has three pigs which are kept by village people. One of the pigs had fallen last night into a hole which had been dug for a new latrine. After managing to pull her out it was discovered she could stand but not walk and so it was decided that the pig would need to be slaughtered. We arrived in time to see it being cleaned out. Unfortunately the pig was carrying six piglets which will be a huge loss since these would have been sold. It's always amazing to see how they use banana leaves as a cutting board, a cloth to clean knives and as wrapping paper. Dodo posed reluctantly with the banana leaf package containing the liver all neatly tied together with a stem from a banana tree. (Talk about utilizing your environment)! We all enjoyed eating it later in the day. 

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