Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One of the curiosities in the use of English here is the use of ambiguous words or phrases that often leave one guessing about what someone really means. The most commonly heard is probably "somehow" as in "I arrived there somehow" (which likely means there was some adventure along the way). David sometimes uses this word to describe his days in the accounts department. "I worked on things somehow!"
Somehow also seemed the best way to describe
 David's attempts to give himself a haircut not too long ago. Since he didn't have a pair of clippers he asked the boys in the family group next to us if they'd like to use their slashers on his head. (Slashers are long sharp tools which even young children in Uganda use to cut grass on the compounds). After they figured out he was teasing they quite enjoyed watching him take the scissors to his head. I eventually stepped in to try and prevent a complete scalping but the results could best be described as we cut David's hair "somehow." The following day when David asked one of his colleagues about his haircut he received another fabulously ambiguous remark. "I have been noticing that!" 

3 year old Jonathan with his slasher


  1. Nice hair cut>Somehow you got the job done! I'm glad your far away so you can't try your new skill on us! Mary Ann

  2. Here's thinking maybe you should stick to the accounts department "somehow'

    The wonderful thing is it will grow back in most places someshow.

    Greetings from hot and humid Toronto.

  3. Hmm, 'somehow' I don't think Uganda's barbers need to worry too much! Cx