Thursday, September 6, 2012


This past week we had three days of staff training for everyone involved in the ministry here.  One of the benefits of this time is meeting people involved in the other children's centre.  We were privileged to host two men who work at the Kobwin centre for dinner last Wed.   The Kobwin Centre is ministering on a full-time basis to former child soldiers and others affected ("Invisible Children) by the Lord's Resistance Army atrocities in northern Uganda  Many of these children had little if any schooling and have undergone extreme trauma at the hands of Kony and his rebel group. These children have received intense educational remediation and discipleship in the context of a family setting.
 Uncle David the man pictured on the right heads up one of the family groups, pastors the church that meets at the centre and cares for his own seven children and several children of family members.  He shared how in his work in the local village he just recently visited a widow who is dying of Aids and who has twelve children living with her in a small hut and sleeping on a single mat.  Uncle Augustine is a teacher at the school at the Kobwin centre and he also shared the need to expand their school to meet the needs of the local community.  Although education is 'universal' in Uganda the reality is that in their community there are over 200 children in each class in the publicly funded schools.  Please pray for these two men who radiated such joy in the midst of huge challenges.


  1. Thanks Cathie and David for these recent posts about Musana camp, Zipporah's situation, and this post about the Kobwin Centre. Cx

  2. It is both encouraging and challenging to hear that "the joy of the Lord" is his people's strength everywhere and in all situations. We continue to pray for the work there.