Sunday, September 2, 2012


From time to time I'd love to know what some of my Ugandan friends really think about us.  Such was the case on Monday when John and I were doing his science lesson.  One of the activities he had to do involved making paint.  Since we have charcoal which our workers use for cooking beans we decided to use it to make black paint.  The first step was to pound the charcoal into fine powder and John happily grabbed the hammer and got to work.  Our laundry lady Sidonia who doesn't speak English watched out of the corner of her eye for a little while and then came over to see what in earth John was up to.  I can imagaine her thoughts running along these lines.  "Why in the world would these muzungus take perfectly good charcoal and pound it into powder?"  She adores John and so before too long she was down beside him, took the hammer and started pounding away.  We couldn't get her to stop until every last bit of charcoal was broken up into fine dust.  We mixed it with water and egg yolk later on and had some great paint to work with.  Tomorrow when our inside worker is here we'll try to explain to Sidonia what we were up to but for now I bet we're providing material for some good stories.

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