Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Lunch

Yesterday we were able to host Sam, our sponsor child and his family for lunch after church. We have been to their home a few times on our other visits so we thought it would be nice to invite them to our house. Sam has five brothers and sisters and a cousin living at home with him and we were happy that they all came for the visit. His Mom Aunt Jovia is a widow who supports her children and elderly mother by working at the guest house at New Hope. She is always so happy to see us and rushes to find someone to translate for her so she can talk to us. We are so encouraged to know that she has used the opportunity to work as a way to provide for her large family and we see day after day her trust in God. Yesterday as all 14 of us gathered around our table to share food and friendship she told us that she was so happy to be with family. It was indeed a joy for us to share this time with Sam's family. After lunch we walked back to the village to bring some leftovers to the grandma (Jjajja). We always get a kick out of Jjajja. She greets us with great enthusiam and directs everyone to their places. When Jjajja speaks everyone listens! Here is a picture of some of the family outside their home.


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