Monday, October 15, 2012

50 Years!

October 9th marked the 50th year since Uganda was granted independence from the British government. On Sunday a group of children from New Hope Uganda were invited to sing at a national service hosted by the Ugandan president. We were able to hear the same group at the celebrations that took place here on Tuesday. Three members from our family group were in the choir including Judah who is the second youngest member of our family. They all looked very 'smart' in their uniforms. The material for the tops had been woven by the students at the vocational school and the outfits were sewn by the students in the tailoring program at the vocational school. One of the highlights of the three hour program was a secondary student reading an essay about Uganda's history and his hopes for the future. It was moving to hear his declaration that Uganda's future development depended on following God's ways. After the program we participated in a tree planting project and the last two days we've been blessed with rain which will hopefully help them to survive. All the children had fun figuring out how old they'd be in 50 years when Uganda celebrates 100 years. Happy Birthday Uganda!

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