Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Day to Celebrate

Tuesday was celebration day for the P3 class I've been working with this past term.  Their teachers Uncle Kokas and Aunt Jessica had planned an end of the year party and the kids were so excited.  When I arrived at the school with my bucket of popcorn and cakes decorated by Auntie Tiff the kids were jumping up and down and dancing. 
The 'set-up' crew led me to a shady spot and we arranged benches and bowls and then sat down to wait.  Of course the 11:00 party didn't really start until 12ish which I'm becoming so used to now, I hardly noticed.  While we waited, the small group chatted and sang songs including Christmas carols.  They were a little foggy on the words for Joy to the World but they all know the chorus.  "Let heaven and nature sing, let heaven and nature sing . . ."  Sitting outside in November under the shade of a big tree with flowers blooming and birds singing  all around it somehow seemed far more appropriate then singing it in the dead of winter.  I enjoy these times of simply being with the kids.  

During a lull in the singing the little girl in the red shirt softly asked "Aunt will we know ourselves in heaven?"

When the rest of the class finally gathered they took turns writing on thank you cards and then came the serious business of eating cake and popcorn. When that was done they went around in a circle giving testimonies about what they were thankful for and I was once again struck by how the simple things like having a teacher or being able to go to school are seen as blessings by these children.


  1. Thanks for this very moving post x

  2. It is wonderful to realize that heaven and nature do sing praises to King Jesus.

    It is good to be reminded that the regular things in life are God's blessings as well.