Thursday, November 29, 2012

Necessity the Mother of Invention

 As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.  Despite the fact that we've been told that we've entered dry season the last couple of days have brought torrential downpours of rain.  Yesterday David decided that he'd had enough of muddy pants from riding through the rain and decided to design and produce a pair of splash pants.  Out came a green garbage bag, some tuck tape and the scissors and after a few minutes he had managed to create some pants.  He got lots of looks on the way to work but that's not unusual.

Yesterday also brought Sam our sponsor child to the door with a cock for a present. Having learned from last year's adventure with a chicken, we sent him off to our family group where Dodo one of our family boys kindly slaughtered it for us. I'm learning that dinner often shows up on the doorstep like this and so preparing meals also involves a good deal of invention as well.


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  1. We just finished worship and then reviewed a list relating to things the boys will need to take with them to Uganda in February. Uncle Gary gave us this list a few weeks ago.

    We are glad John has his hockey stick out again. Keep going John!