Thursday, November 1, 2012

New House

Around the middle of October we moved over to the secondary school site which is across the road from where the family groups, primary school, administrative building, clinic and church are located.  David has been very thankful to have his bike which he brought from Canada on his last trip. He uses it to ride back and forth to work and also to get into Kiwoko where we go to the market.  John is also pleased to have his bike and makes trips to the primary site most days to see his friends.  The girls and I are getting lots of exercise walking back and forth.  If you don't stop too many times to greet people and chat it's about a  fifteen minute walk. 

 The house we're staying in now was the home of the enterprise farm manager. He and his family have returned to the States. We're slowly getting a handle on the grounds around the house with the help of a secondary school student.

 We've been able to eat some peppers and collards (green leafy vegetable not unlike spinach) from the garden and are hoping to plant some sweet potatoes soon. The pictures show some views around the house so you can picture where we are

A spectacular rainbow one Saturday shortly after we moved in taken from the back of our house looking towards the Dangers house.

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