Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sidonia's Newest

I walked out to Kabbubu a few days ago to visit Sidonia and her family.  I had heard from Christine that the baby had arrived.  Sidonia delivered at home during a torrential thunderstorm, the conditions being too poor for her to walk out to the road to get a ride to the hospital. 

Six of her nine children

She and her children were so excited to see me and welcomed me warmly. I was somewhat surprised to see the baby's fair skin but learned later that this was not uncommon in newborn babies whose parents have lighter tone skin.

Sidonia's situation is not uncommon in the community around where we are living.  Although government education is free many sturggle to find the money for uniforms, exercise books etc. Only two of Sidonia's children go to school.

This little one was very shy at first but warmed up enough to have his picture taken outside the house.  Please pray for us as we continue to reach out to this woman and her family.

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