Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zipporah Update

Yesterday we were able to take Zipporah and her two boys into a hospital in Kampala to get some more extensive testing done.  We were able to see a paediatrician who referred us for further tests and thankfully we were able to see her again in the afternoon to discuss the findings. She was able to rule out TB and attributed the swelling in the abdomen to malnutrition given the results of the ultrasound scan and blood tests.  His skin condition may be scabies for which she prescribed a lotion.  We are thankful that nothing more serious was discovered at this time and we will wait to see whether the skin condition improves with treatment. Addressing the issue of malnutrition is complex, and so again we ask for your prayers that we will be given wisdom as we seek to reach out to Zipporah. 
 The town where she's living is 40 km away and so maintaining regular contact is somewhat difficult.
On the way back we were able to stop and see the one room she is living in. The tailoring course we mentioned in an earlier post never materialized and so she is trying to earn some money buying and reselling charcoal for a small profit. 

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