Saturday, December 15, 2012

Little Ones


This week I got a chance to enjoy some time with some the littlest children at New Hope.  As you may know from the girls blogs, Hope Family is a present home to 8 babies and toddlers.  They are lovingly cared for by Stu and Sarah Dendy from England and their team of Ugandan house mothers.  Jabez who is pictured here arrived when we were here last summer.  This tiny, little, abandoned baby is now a happy toddler who was thrilled to get out of his stroller and chase me down the road!

Mary is the oldest member of Hope Family and a nature lover. On the walk today she eagerly pointed out bananas, jack fruit, flowers, birds and many other things that caught her eye. 

One of the house mothers gives a cuddle to little Hosea.  Living at New Hope definitely helps you brush up on the names of all the minor prophets!

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  1. Thanks for this and other recent blogposts, really enjoying the insights into your day to day life. And plese add my name to the waiting list of a sample of Morton's finest roast. Cx