Friday, December 21, 2012

Weaving Beauty

Quiet has come to the New Hope site as many children and staff have headed off to visit relatives for Christmas. It's especially quiet on the secondary school site where we live. The shutters in the school are tightly closed and many of our closest neighbours are away. On Tuesday I did drop by to visit Aunt Jessica, one of the teachers at the primary school, who is awaiting the arrival of her fourth baby any day now. We chatted about this and that as she sat with her wash basin between her legs handwashing her children's clothes. She'd been to her garden earlier in the day as well. Life goes on even when you're nine months pregnant. I also met her sister's daughter who has come to help her over the holidays. Susan was working on a hand woven mat. The vibrant colours of these dyed papyrus reeds are beautiful. The weaving is done in long strips which are then sewn together. It all takes time of course but that leaves plenty of opportunity for conversation and that is one of the things I'm learning to treasure about life here.


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