Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bishop Muhima

The following post contains some disturbing material.  Please read with discretion.

The soft African lilt of Bishop Edward Muhima’s voice tells the story.

They lined us up outside the vehicle . 1,2,3,4... I was number 5. Palms extended, shoulders bared they search for signs we had carried a gun. Number 4’s hands are calloused.
You’re one of them!
No, no I’m just a farmer.
Kneel down!
He refuses and then the blows begin.
My cherical collar tightens and I watch in horror as number 4 is dragged away. I protest but the rest of the people behind me urge me back on the bus.
Reverend there’s nothing more you can do. Please come!
Reluctantly I turn away.

More horrors remembered.
Pregnant women ripped open to see if they’re carrying boys. Eyes gouged out and the victims made to dance for their torturers. He witnessed the brutal murder of one of his students. As a representative of a Christian student union he stood before Idi Amin and protested that the forced expulsion of Indians from Uganda was “barbaric.” Realizing that Edward was a marked man his bishop arranged for him to flee to the United States. Eight years later he would return to help rebuild his nation and minister to his people.

The retired Bishop of the Church of Uganda shared these stories at our recent staff gathering. It’s rare to hear these memories. So few of this generation remain. For those who do the wounds are still tender and the pain is deep. Tears fell as we listened.  The depth of evil in the human heart is unfathomable. It is only through God's mercy and grace that we have hope.

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