Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'David' Family Vacation

The day after Christmas we left Kasana for a trip down to Musana Camp on Lake Victoria.  As well as the five of us, we had twelve members of our David family group.  Over the holiday period some of the children at the ministry go and visit relatives or extended family but there are always some who don't have somewhere to go.  We decided that it would be fun to take the ones in our family group who remained and our family parents, Uncle Mulu and Aunt Lucy, for a vacation.  Travel in Uganda is always an adventure and this trip was no exception.  A few miles from the camp our bus got stuck in some mud and after we all piled off it took some heavy pushing to get us going again.  Once we arrived the fun began putting up tents, making beds and preparing the evening meal.  We made spaghetti the first night which was a bit of a challenge for some of our members who wondered why in earth anyone would eat something that took that much work to eat.  The rest of our days were filled with worship, games, football, swimming for some, hiking, watching DVDs and just sharing laughter and fun over food. The pictures that follow reflect some of those good times.

We played some fun games including trying to write all the numbers to 100 while other players grab your pen.

 One afternoon some of us hiked to a waterfall on the property.  David and three of the brave ones went right under.  Then most of us got very dirty trying to climb up the side.  Catriona and I slid down a couple of times before being hauled up by Kiweewa.

The walk home from the waterfall ended with us emerging onto a large grassy area overlooking Lake Victoria. 

Johnny our littlest family member 

Matooke cooked in gnut sauce!

David and Uncle Mulu clean the Tilapia for dinner

Kiweewa takes aim during one of our many football matches.

The smiles on Jujuu's and Catriona's faces sum up the fun!

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  1. Wonderful to see all the pictures, helps so much to visualize where you are.
    Praying for you all for safety and good health as you share your lives with others. God bless.