Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Baganda Way

As part of our staff training days we were treated to an evening of 'Kigandan' culture.  Like so many African nations Uganda is made up of many tribal groups and at New Hope we're blessed to share life with people from many different tribes.  Each have distinct languages and cultures and people often identify more closely with their tribal group than the country as a whole (sound familiar).  The Bugandan kingdom makes up approximately 20% of the Ugandan population

Kate helped me dress for the evening in the traditional gomesi.  There are different styles of these dresses depending on the occasion but the fancy ones have up to 6 metres of material that is folded and worn with a wide sash.

For our meal we all sat on mats on the floor except for the 'father' who is given the place of honour on a chair.  The 'mother' serves food first to the father and then to the children.  Makoote (steamed bananas), gnut/mushroom sauce, yam, chicken and beef were all eaten with our fingers

Following the meal we were treated to traditional dancing and drumming. 
A memorable evening of celebration.

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  1. Hi and thank you for this and recent posts - so much joy and sadness. You look fantastic Cathie in the gomesi!