Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Girls!

 How old were you when you went to your first birthday party? Yesterday, at the age of 15, Agnes went to her first birthday party. It was one of those little things that happen every now and again here and remind us of how much we take for granted. Catriona turned 15 yesterday and Christina turned 13 on Wednesday so to celebrate we invited the girls from our family group over for a sleepover. When the girls gave Agnes her invitation she danced for joy. Last night as they presented their cards and shared prayers and thoughts about our Bible reading passage, I was filled with thankfulness that my girls have the opportunity to spend this time with these girls. Laughter, good friends, and brownies who could ask for a better party! Next time you're blowing out your candles think of Agnes.

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  1. Thanks for this and the previous blog entry about your students Cathie. So glad Catriona and Christina had such an enjoyable and enjoyed birthday sleepover with friends X