Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little by Little

The primary school began again the last week of January. In Uganda the school year follows the calendar year and so many of the children I was working with last year have moved on to P4. It’s been good to be here for a longer period of time so that I can follow these children up and build on learning that they have acquired.

Two of my most enthusiastic students are Nantambi Rebecca and Nakamonye, Justine. They love to read and slowly by slowly their comprehension skills are improving as well. They spur each other on, encourage one another and try so hard.

Another student I have just begun working with is Obetta Vicent. At 14 he is one of the oldest boys in the P4 class. I was told that he was unable to read. The first day I met with him he was very withdrawn and I tried various different approaches to try and access his abilities. The next day I tried again asking him simple questions and then writing the answers. He was able to answer many of them and even was able to give me the spelling of some words. When I asked him what he liked to play he answered not surprisingly "football."  I sensed a tiny spark of interest in his eyes and before too long we wrote sentences about his favourite position and where he played.  A connection between the two of us was established.  He reread his sentences more confidently.  We practised the words he didn't know.  We broke the sentences up into words and put them back together.  He even laughed when his sneeze blew his word cards off the table.  These are small but important steps and I'm looking forward to watching his progress in the weeks to come. 

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