Tuesday, March 19, 2013

With love from Great-Gramps


This morning our kids received type-written letters from their Great-Gramps John.  David's grandfather sent letters to Africa over forty years ago when David's Mum and Dad were in Ethiopia. He continued to write letters to David and his siblings as they grew up in Scotland. Full of anecdotes, questions and pithy comments Gramps at 90 is still an excellent correspondent.
The following are some of our favourite lines from the letters:

"Yes, I am keeping well (I sneeze occasionally).  

"You say there are 11 kids at the Special Needs class. (Tut-tut, goats have kids, people have children)."

"You should have seen me blowing out 90 candles; somebody suggested I should let the children help blow, but I said I thought there would be less spit on the cake if I did it alone!"

In this age of facebook, blogs, texts, and emails, a carefully crafted letter is a rarity.  Thanks to Gramps my kids (oops, children) have experienced the pleasure of a personal letter.  Write back soon, Gramps!

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