Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brick by Brick

Latrine Building Continued:

This Saturday was all bricklaying. 


We were excited that Cathie’s nephew Jonny was able to join us on the project.

 Getting the first several courses of bricks set took the full morning with Uncle Brian (our ever cheerful construction foreman) giving careful attention to getting it as square and plumb as possible.  Mud bricks that are very irregular in shape and size pose a challenge with every brick. 

After lunch we were able to make faster progress and get the David family children laying bricks as well.  At the end of the day, we are now more than halfway up.  In another day, we should be able to work on the upper courses and then roof the toilet side of the latrine and do the plastering.


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  1. Enjoyed reading about your activities. It is wonderful to be able to share a little of what life is like there by reading. We truly have no idea how blessed we are. Keep up the good work!
    Rod and Helen