Friday, April 26, 2013


"Uganda has one of the highest rates of lightning strike deaths in the world and its capital Kampala has more days of lightning per year than any other city," according to the World Meteorological Organization.  Knowing that information has helped to put our own experience with lightning strikes into perspective.

  David had spent the previous week with a group of MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) computer 'techies' doing training and returned with two of them to do some work on our Internet system here.  They worked all out for two and a half days getting new equipment mounted on water towers and tweaking the system.  On Wednesday afternoon as John and Mark drove away, the winds began to pick up, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed in the sky.  David and I headed off for staff fellowship as the rain began to fall. Minutes later we heard a tremendous crash. Arriving home later that evening we learned that lightning must have struck our house and the ones surrounding it.  All the solar inverters were fried, (one had the cover completely blown off) and the newly mounted Internet boxes had their circuit boards destroyed.  So we're back to square one.  Ordering new material, finding a way to get it here, remounting it and praying that  lightning won't strike the same place twice.  In all of this we are conscious of God's protection and thankful that no one was hurt.

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