Sunday, May 26, 2013

Uncle Sam

A week ago last Wednesday we traveled to attend another burial.  We have been to a few of these now and are always struck by how the reality of death is so stark here. Mourners stay up all night after someone has died and the burial is almost always the following day.  This time it was the mother of our friend Uncle Sam who heads up the accounts department at New Hope. His daughter Stella has become a good friend of our girls and so they came with us to support her. We traveled with a group of people from New Hope for many hours over dirt roads stopping often for directions.  When we arrived we aroused the usual attention and waded through the crowd looking for Uncle Sam.  Burials attract huge crowds of curious spectators, many of whom seem more interested in the free food than in comforting the family.  Uncle Sam spotted us and in his gracious way made us welcome and ensured we were taken care of.  In the midst of grief, his quiet dignity and trust in God was so evident.  As we stood by the burial spot and saw his tired eyes fill with tears we understood a little bit of the strain he was under.  We were thankful for the New Hope friends who supported him through this very difficult day and pray that God will comfort him in the days ahead.  

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  1. Thanks for giving a little insight into this part of your life in NHU too, being part of a wider family ans community and sharing in their sorrows. Praying for Uncle Sam and Stella and others who mourn.