Monday, September 9, 2013

3 in 1

David and I attended another wedding this past Friday.  This time it was for a man who had been our compound worker when we first came to Uganda in 2010.  Weddings here are often complicated and costly affairs.  The man must first pay a dowry for his wife and then find money for the wedding itself. 
We arrived in Luwero, where the wedding was to take place, a little before the scheduled time of 12:30.  The first person to greet us was Medi in ball cap and work clothes which was our first indication that things would be a little delayed.  The church the wedding was to be in was having revival tent meetings that week and one was in full swing when we arrived.  We were escorted to the front of the tent with several small children following us. They kept trying to stroke our skin to see if the 'white' would rub off.  We were greeted warmly by the speaker and I was afraid for a moment that David would be called upon to address the crowd.  Thankfully we were shown our seats and we proceeded to listen for the next two hours to the proceedings which were of course all in Luganda.  Finally around 2:00 there was a break for lunch and we were assured by several people that the church would soon be ready for the wedding.

Around 3:00 we finally settled onto our wooden bench in the sweltering heat.  We were so tightly packed in that I could barely breathe.  A procession began with lots of hoots and howls from the assembled throng.  Medi appeared at the front 'smartly' dressed in a navy blue suit and all seemed to be going to plan as his bride made her way down the aisle.  Strangely there seemed to be another couple at the front but we assumed they were attendants.  Then to our utter surprise the place erupted in screams again and another bride made her way down the aisle.  As she reached the front it dawned on us that there were actually three couples getting married.  The ceremony continued with one man after the other saying vows and then it was the women's turn.

Following the ceremony we squeezed to the front to greet Medi and his bride who were delighted we had come.  Medi and Joyce smiled broadly through the whole affair and didn't seem to mind in the least that they were sharing their day.

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  1. it sounds an amazing and happy day, lovely photo too