Thursday, September 5, 2013

Homecoming-Celebrating 25 Years

Last weekend was a time of celebration and reflection as New Hope remembered twenty five years of service to children in Uganda.  Many of the children who grew up here came back to be reunited with each other and the staff who had worked with them. 

Jay and Vicki Dangers 
Jonnes Bakimi


 There were games:



and of course football!

                              There was food:  the lines went on and on but it was well worth the wait.

 We had time in our family groups to share a meal and a welcome home cake. One of the biggest thrills in our family group was to meet a young lady who reportedly had died but turned up alive and well and now working as a doctor.  

We also planted fruit trees in our family groups to symbolise our hope for the future.

There were moments of joy as we watched people embracing one another and deep thankfulness to God as we saw men who had grown up here testify to how God is using them in the work today.


There were also moments of sadness as we heard words of pain and bitterness from those whose lives are still broken.  It was a reminder that while we can meet physical and emotional needs there is ultimately a deep spiritual need that must be met in each one of us by God Himself.  The weekend is over; the work continues.

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