Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nakakooza Fatiyah

 A few months ago I attended one of the community outreach days organised by our Special Needs staff and met a special little girl named Nankakooza Fatiyah.   Fatiyah was born with Apert Syndrome a congenital deformity that has significantly affected the development of her skull.  She also has a heart defect and needs to have that repaired before she can have surgery on her skull. The high pressure in her brain affects her eyes and compromises the development of her brain.  Through the generous donations of many, including our local community, Fatiyah will be undergoing heart surgery tomorrow.  The operation will be risky so we would ask that you would pray for the surgeon and family of this little girl.  When I first met Fatiyah I was moved by the deep love in her mother's eyes for her little girl.  In a society where children such as these are often marginalized it has been wonderful to watch how this mother has been supported and encouraged by our community here at New Hope. 

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