Saturday, November 16, 2013

Small Things

This past week the children in our last year of primary school finished their national exams.  These exams determine the educational future for these children and are taken very seriously.  To celebrate the completion of this landmark in their lives, our P7's have been enjoying some fun activities.

On Thursday afternoon a group of them came to our house to do some baking.  We decided to add some extra fun by blind-folding some of them and sending them off to collect lemons from our enterprise farm to use in our lemon bread.  It was fun watching them try to direct their friends to the trees and judging from the giggles they enjoyed it too.  Cooking in Uganda doesn't often involve precise measurements (a bit of this, a lot of that) so we had to do a quick lesson on measuring dry ingredients.

 We also narrowly averted baking disaster when someone tried to put in 1/4 cup of baking powder
instead of 1/4 teaspoon!

 Once we got the measuring straightened out, all went according to plan and we produced scrumptious lemon loaves which were enjoyed at their evening banquet. They all posed for a picture before heading off to prepare for their evening event.

The next day one of the girls from the group dropped by our house.  As she came in the door I saw tears glistening in her eyes and I asked what was wrong.  She told us she was leaving today to return home to her mom and that she appreciated our kindness to her.  The girls had played games with her a few times and I had often greeted her and said a few words but we had no idea that these small gestures had meant so much to her.  It's little moments like these that remind us to be faithful in the 'small things.'

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