Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Busy Week

The weeks seem to fly by here and before I know it another one is gone. Here are a few moments from last week.   On Sunday we hosted a doctor from Northern Ireland who is working at Kiwoko hospital. It was fascinating to hear of his plans of developing a medical work in Goli, a town on the border of the DRC in north western Uganda.  He had also treated I.'s brother (see last post) and was able to update us on his condition. 
Envisioning 2014 Monday and Tuesday were the last two days of our staff wide training days called Envisioning.  We were blessed and challenged by our speaker Brian Watts, a pastor from Langley B.C. So much to think and pray about as we begin another year.  Tuesday afternoon David and I went to Kiwoko hospital to pick up I. and his brother and mother and take them home.  R. needs heart valve surgery desperately.  Before leaving we  gathered outside their tiny mud home and prayed for this situation which is beyond our understanding.

 Wednesday it was back to home-schooling my crew.  I also began working with a boy from the primary school who has experienced learning difficulties.  Here was one of the assessment type activities I did with him to find out more about where he's at.  Abandoned as a baby in a pit latrine he was cared for at our baby home and has been adopted by an Ugandan couple.   

Inquisitive looks at the latest little addition to our baby house.  The girls went on Thurs. afternoon to help out and snapped a few photos.  They were excited to meet the grandmother of one of the little toddlers. One of our Ugandan extension workers has located members of the paternal family and they are willing and able to care for Joseph.  Jaaja is spending time here first to get to know him in familiar surroundings and we are thankful that he will be going to live full time with her. 
Thursday was also a chance to sample a local delicacy 'flying ants.'   Pictured here are the Hope family children snapping up the goodies.   Christina captured one for the camera before she and Catriona consumed them. 

Friday we consumed a goodie more to my liking.  The girls have been doing a cooking class as part of their distance learning and Friday was scone day.  We delivered a piping hot one to Dad's desk and enjoyed them over break ourselves.  We promise to make some more for anyone who visits!
On Saturday morning we walked to the fields to help with the maize harvest.  We always enjoy these times in the garden with our family group.  Many of the children who were away over the holidays visiting relatives are now back and so it was a chance to reconnect while harvesting the maize that will help to feed the family over the coming months. 

And so another week has come to an end.  Somewhere in that time I also took minutes for our David family associate meeting,  met with teachers, cooked meals, visited staff, handed out cups of water, and shopped at our market. Yes we're busy but so thankful for the opportunity to live life in this part of God's world and see Him working.

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  1. oh, what a busy week! I think I prefer scones to 'flying ants' too! thanks for this and recent posts, giving fresh insights into the joys and sorrows of the people you are sharing your lives with these days.