Sunday, January 12, 2014

Future Nurse

Occasionally I like to share something about some of the children we work with to give you a flavour not only of the challenges but also the joys as we see God transforming lives.  A. pictured here with Catriona came to us from our northern centre for her Investment Year program.  Following the first four years of secondary school the children take a year off to do life skill training and job internships.  Part of that year is spent in Kampala the capital city to familiarize our village kids with life in the 'big city.'  A. did one of her placements at a blood bank and another at our local hospital which has confirmed her desire to train as a nurse.  She worked hard to learn Luganda which is not her tribal language so she could communicate with patients at the hospital. Sponsorship funds will help with a portion of her school fees but she has to work to provide the rest of the money.  Over the holidays A. worked tirelessly at whatever jobs she could find to earn money for her fees.  Whenever I saw her there was a smile on her lips and a spring in her step.  She woke up early to scrub the floors at the home she was staying in and then went out looking for work.  As she shared her dream to be a nurse I was humbled by her servant heart.  She longs to give back to her community as a way of thanking God for all He has done in her life.

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