Saturday, January 18, 2014

Strength to Stand

Another snapshot of a life.
 I. came to New Hope's Kasana site as a small boy and has grown up here and completed S4 and his investment year. When he was a little boy his mother was unfit to care for him but through God's transforming grace she has come to faith and now works herself at our baby house.   Reserved and quiet by nature we have come to know him as he learned some computer skills with David and helped him out at the office.  Last year he made the courageous decision to move back home to the village to support his mother and extended family.  We found out how courageous that decision was this week as his brother suffered convulsions following a boda (motorcycle) accident.  As I. waited beside his bother's bed in hospital, uncertain of his condition, he called and asked David to bring our family father Uncle Mulu and another member of staff to be with him.  He will need ample strength in the days ahead to stand with his family as medical bills mount.  We know that it won't be easy but we pray that this young man whose actions speak louder than his words will be given the strength and continued courage to live out his faith.

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