Thursday, March 20, 2014

In the Cleft of the Rock

The sun sets behind the massive rocks which once provided shelter to the infamous LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) who terrorized the Soroti region of Uganda.

 Safe behind the walled enclosure a family gathers to sing and make music. Some are the survivors of those years of terror, their young lives scarred by unimaginable horror.  Others are the victims of neglect and abuse of more recent times.  Yet as I approached the banda, where a roughly hewn cross is silhouetted in the solar lights, all I  hear is joy.

We were visiting New Hope's Kobwin Children centre. 

While David worked with the accounts staff,                                                        
the rest of us climbed rocks,

                                                             baked cake on a charcoal fire and learned Ateso.

 On Sunday we were introduced to the local stringed instruments and clapped along with the harmonious voices.

Then at night, again sheltered behind those secure walls which were built to provide emotional as well as physical security, my eyes filled with tears.   I watched the face of a twenty-three year old young man as he sang with all his heart "I have a Daddy ..."  and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that his hope was in God and that he had a home.

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  1. thanks Cathie. tears in my eyes too thinking of the heartache many of these young people have known, but grateful too that they have a loving home at Kobwin and the hope of a lasting one to come.