Friday, April 4, 2014


We've had lots to celebrate the last few days as we've hosted some fellow Canadians!
John's good buddy from Canada has been here for the past week.  Dan brought his Dad, uncle and cousin along to share in the adventure.  They remembered the maple syrup entrance fee so they're pretty popular with the Mortons.

We were very excited to show them the new Special Needs Building and have them participate in the official opening last Friday.  What a joy to see the spacious building filled with parents, children and staff as we gave praise to God for making the vision of this building a reality.  The director of the Special Needs program shared the history of the program and then four different women from the community shared how they and their children have been impacted.
 Here are a few words from these women's poignant stories.

"I thought I was alone until I found this place."
 "My husband now loves this child and brings her to school." 
"They taught me that I have not been cursed."

John and his friends have enjoyed seeing the special needs program in action by visiting during their life skill classes.  Below you can see them helping out with clothes washing, vegetable preparation and the favourite activity, washing the special needs van.

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  1. thank you, so glad to read and see this beautiful aspect of New Hope Uganda's work