Monday, April 21, 2014

Not Alone

Her voice is quiet and the words broken but I make out the word - cancer.  Last month a dear lady, mother of seven and teacher at our primary school was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  As David and I went to pick her up from our local hospital we felt the pain of this devastating news.  I first got to know this mother of seven on our short term trips and admired her drive and determination as a mother and a teacher.  I snapped this photo of her and her twins in 2011. The challenges of cancer treatment in Africa are immense.  She spent the last week in Kampala waiting for the ONE AND ONLY radiation machine in the country to be repaired.  With the machine not working and the cancer needing to be addressed it has been decided that she will head to Nairobi, Kenya for treatment.  People in our community and supporters abroad are providing support to facilitate treatment. Yesterday she stood before the church and testified to the peace that undergirds her faith and so we continue to pray that she and her family will be upheld during this difficult journey.  

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  1. thanks for this reminder - both of the tragedy of the lack of treatment opportunities for this woman and millions like here, and for the evident grace of God in her life.