Friday, April 4, 2014

The Joy of Pangas

On Saturday we had the opportunity to take our Canadian guests on an outreach project in the community.  Our childcare staff, many of whom live in the villages surrounding New Hope, often become aware of people who are in desperate need of housing or assistance of other kinds.  In conjunction with our schools work parties are organised to help in gardens or build houses.  This past week we joined in clearing bush so that a house can be constructed for a mother and her four children.  Two of the children attend our primary school. 
Clearing bush is no small feat as vegetation is thick and frequently thorny.  Our group pitched in learning how to use pangas (our local machetes) and hauling brush away. 
Sweat and scratches were a small price to pay to see the shy smile on the face of the mother who thanked us for our work.

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  1. how green and fertile the land looks. well done to all the hard workers!